Breeze Kiosk 1.6: sign & draw on prints away from the booth

What’s new in Breeze Kiosk 1.6?

  • New signing and drawing screen
  • Guests choose the frame for their own print in the drawing/signing screen
  • Emojis/stickers/virtual props
  • Fix for reliability issue playing videos caused by recent Windows updates.

New signing and drawing screen

Guests love to sign, write messages and decorate their own prints. At a busy event, their enthusiasm for this can lead to long lines waiting to use the booth. Moving this feature to Kiosk has several advantages

  • Keep the line moving and reduce queuing at the booth
  • Guests can make, print and share different versions of each photo/print
  • Original is still available to view, reprint and share

Guests choose their own print frame

Offer your guests a choice of print borders or overlays on the signing/drawing screen.

Choosing a frame with Breeze Kiosk 1.6

Add emojis/stickers/virtual props

We have included these emoji/basic props to start you off:

Icons supplied by EmojiOne

You can also create or source your own custom prop sets. All you need is jpg or png images on a transparent background. Choose whether to display them on a white or gray background.

This custom set of virtual props are png images with  transparent backgrounds.White props show up well against a gray background (Breeze Kiosk 1.6)

Guests can rotate, expand and shrink the props.

Rotating a virtual prop

Kiosk keeps both the original image and decorated versions

Guests can browse, print and share both the original and decorated versions of each image

The original image is still available to view, reprint and share. Guests can make as many decorated versions of it as they wish.

Note: Kiosk lets you limit the number of prints made from each original image as well as the total number of prints at the event. So there’s no need to  worry about guests running off endless prints.

Try Kiosk 1.6 for yourself

Breeze Kiosk 1.6 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased Kiosk after 12th November 2018. Customers with older licenses need to buy an upgrade license to use this release.

Download Kiosk      Buy Kiosk

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