How to shoot in Portrait with your Photo Booth

This post explains how to shoot portrait oriented shots with your photo booth using DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1.

Update May 18, 2019: added a short section outlining how to shoot boomerang GIF’s in portrait.

There are 3 different parts of your system which can be orientated in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). DSLR Remote Pro lets you have any combination of these. They are

  1. Camera
  2. Screen
  3. Print

Most photo booths use a landscape/horizontal orientation for both screen and camera, with room for lots of people in the photo. The default for DSLR Remote Pro is to do the same. If you want to shoot in portrait orientation, you need to make some simple changes to the way DSLR Remote Pro runs, and turn the camera through 90 degrees.

Tell DSLR Remote Pro the camera is shooting ‘portrait’ orientation

Mount your camera in portrait orientation, and start DSLR Remote Pro. Click on View and then Portrait (90 degrees CCW) or Portrait (90 degrees CW):

Telling Breeze that the camera is in portrait orientation & whether it has been rotated clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW). DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1

Run the Photobooth Setup Wizard

Run the Photobooth Setup Wizard.  Choose Normal 3:2 at Step 2. This will set the booth up with a portrait oriented live view without cropping the image.

Choose Normal 3:2 at Step 2 of the Photobooth Setup Wizard  sets the booth up with a portrait oriented live view without cropping the image.

When you have finished running the setup wizard, open the Print Layout Editor to rotate the image(s) and make any other changes you need.

Rotate the image(s) in the Print Layout Editor

In this example I need to rotate the image through 90° so that it is displayed correctly; resize and position it to one side to make room for guests to sign or draw on the print. The program help files explain this in more detail.

Rotating the image using the Print Layout Editor DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1

You can either rotate the photo using a mouse (above),or set the exact angle of rotation (below).

Hint: if you hold the Shift key down when rotating a photo using the mouse, it will rotate in 15° intervals.

Setting the precise angle of rotation in the Print Layout Editor DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1

Save your changes before leaving the Print Layout Editor.

Allow guests to sign or draw on the print

To allow guests to sign or draw on prints, select Advanced Settings, the the Output Options Settings. Check the box marked Sign or draw on photos before printing.

Shows how to allow guests to sign or draw on prints using DLSR Remote Pro 3.9.1

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Hint : this allows guests to annotate any part of the print. You can also restrict guests to a set area of the print, or prevent them writing on a specific area (such as a corporate logo or the image) using clipping or exclusion regions.

Boomerang GIFS

If you are shooting boomerang GIFs you also need a GIF width and height which is at least as wide and high as the image.

Showing how to adjust boomerang GIF frame for portrait GIFs
Select File, Videobooth settings.. , then Advanced GIF settings to adjust the GIF frame for portrait GIFs.

Start the photo booth

Select the large Start Photobooth button to display the ready screen with the live view in portrait mode.

Ready screen for portrait booth created using Photo Booth Setup Wizard DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1

Your guests can sign or draw on the photo before it is printed:

Drawing screen DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1

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DSLR Remote Pro 3.9.1 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased a license on or after 20th February 2017.

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