Breeze (iPad+iPhone) 2.2 adds Blend Modes for Prints

Booth (iPad+iPhone) v2.2 introduces overlay blend modes for prints, and adds twelve new blend modes you can apply to your prints and GIFs.

This release also fixes issues in the App gallery and Hub.

What’s new?

  • 16 blend modes for print overlays
  • 12 more blend modes for GIF overlays
  • Fix for an issue which could cause the app to crash when displaying a gallery
  • Fix for an issue cropping photos when sending emails through Hub

Overlay blend modes

Blend modes can be used creatively to achieve many different effects. Booth (iPad+iPhone) now includes normal, lighten, darken, overlay, screen, hard light, soft light, multiply, difference, exclusion, color dodge, color burn, hue, saturation, color and luminosity blend modes.

User notes

To use blend modes  with Breeze for iPad

  1. Add your  overlay(s) to the screens folder
  2. Choose your blend mode from the drop down list
  3. Save your changes in the Event Editor
  4. Update the event in the App

Applying blend modes to Prints

Overlay blend modes are applied to print overlays using the Photos tab in the Event Editor. (Image shows applying a multiply blend  to the print overlay overlay.png)

Applying blend modes to GIF Overlays

Overlay blend modes are applied to GIF overlays using the Slideshow and Burst GIF tabs in the Event Editor. (Image shows applying a saturation blend to the sllideshow GIF overlay)

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 2.2 from the App Store, log in and run your first event.

For help getting started see the  online tutorials

Technical Stuff

Platforms Supported (updated October 2021): All iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 15, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 13, iOS14, iOS 13. Versions 15 and 14 are recommended.

Cameras Supported: iPad and iPhone front and rear facing integral cameras. Most Canon EOS DSLR and R series cameras, Canon’s mirrorless M50 Mk II, M50, M200, M6 Mark II PowerShot SX70 HS, G5 X Mark II & G7 X Mark III.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 2.2 and try for yourself

Download the latest versions of the Windows companion app Event Editor 2.2 and Hub 1.2.5 with Camera Controller 1.0

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