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Breeze software for 360 booths

A quick note about using Breeze with 360 booths.

Truth is you don’t need a special app to run a 360 booth. You need a great photo booth app with video capture, slow motion, video FX and a way to start the session ….. like Breeze.

We recommend using Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) for 360 booths with an iPhone running 2022 iPhone SE, iPhone 14 or iPhone 13.

Use the high quality rear camera to shoot your videos, and either share them directly from Breeze Booth, or from a Windows tablet running Breeze Kiosk.

Video FX & Built in AI background removal

Use Breeze Booth for iPad’s powerful AI background removal and video effects.

  • locally processed AI background removal or blurring, with live view 
  • awesome slow motion
  • fabulous video FX

Find more examples of video effects here

Breeze for iPad Auto Start

Auto Start detects when a 360 degree spinner starts spinning – automatically starts the countdown and captures the video.

Auto Start detects when a 360 degree spinner starts spinning, automatically starts the countdown and captures the video (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.3)

Sharing your videos

Videos can be shared directly from Booth (iPad+ iPhone), or a sharing station running Breeze Kiosk.

To share from the iPhone screen set up email and/or SMS sharing as standard for the app.
To share from Kiosk use a local network to wirelessly connect the iPhone to a Windows tablet running Breeze Kiosk.

Connecting the app with Kiosk

To connect the iPhone and Kiosk tablet together you need to set up a local network.

  • Switch on Personal Hotspot on the iPhone, and Allow Others to join. This creates a your network ( no wifi or mobile signal needed) Set a Wi-Fi password in the iPhone to prevent others accessing the network
  • Alternatively set up your network with a MiFi or 4G modem router. These can provide a local wi-fi network as well as connecting to a mobile data network

Breeze Kiosk is fully customizable Windows app for guests to display, print and share photos, videos and GIFs from your event.

* Kiosk is a separate Purchase.

Have a great week,


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New: DSLR Remote Pro 3.18 supports promising new photo booth camera

Breeze Booth (DSLR+Windows) aka DSLR Remote Pro 3.18  was released today, October 4th.

What’s new?

DSLR Remote Pro 3.18 brings

  • Support for two new R series cameras : Canon’s EOS R10 and EOS R7. Both have excellent face detect autofocus.
  • Secure, single user QR codes
  • New pay to share mode for sharing videos, photos and GIFs by email or text
  • Real time File uploader
  • Easier display of email and text keyboards at the top of  the screen
  • Export registry settings tool
  • Video overlays for videos captured in video booth mode
  • Transparency of video overlays can be controlled using alpha channels

This release also fixes an issue sending emails with cc addresses.

Promising new photo booth camera

DSLR Remote Pro 3.18 adds support for two new Canon cameras, the EOS R10 and EOS R7. Both have excellent face detect auto focus.

Chris believes the face detect auto focus gives the EOS R10 great potential for photo booth use.

Single use QR Code coupons

QR codes offer a fast and safe way for guests to interact with your photo booth and image sharing products.

New single use QR codes are a secure way to issue QR code ‘coupons’ which run the booth for a single session.

  • Use them at theme parks, events and attractions where each vistor is entitled to a single booth session
  • Combine them with  an online payment mechanism, sending guests a code when their payment has been accepted

Single use QR code option for payments

Secure single use QR codes also make an attractive alternative to conventional payment booths.  Take payments online and provide secure single use QR codes which run a single session when scanned.

Single use QR codes start the booth and run a single session (Breeze DLSR Remote Pro)

Learn more about single use QR codes here

Pay to share by email or text

Breeze MDB payment utility can now be used for pay to share video, photos and GIFs as well as prints.

Take contactless payments to share vimages by email or text (Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.18)

Move keyboards to the top of the screen

Mirror booth and other vertical screen users often prefer guests type their contact details at the top or center of the screen.

The Photobooth setup wizard now has an option to place email and text keyboards atthe top or center of your screen.

File Uploader

Upload photos, GIFs and videos from photo booth to online sharing galleries during the event.

DSLR Remote Pro’s File Uploader runs in the background and  automatically uploads images to websites and sharing galleries including Event Kite and WordPress Plugin Photobooth Gallery Plugin.

New registry export tool

Upgrading your kit? Expanding the business and need more booths? The new registry export tool saves DSLR ‘s program settings to a file which can be copied to a new PC.

To copy these registry settings back into DSLR Remote Pro on the same or a different PC,  double click on the registry settings file in Windows Explorer.

Support for Apple ProRes4444 video overlay with alpha transparency

Add ProRes4444 video overlays to videos captured in video booth mode. The transparency of your video overlays can be controlled using alpha channels.

Upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro 3.18 today

DSLR Remote Pro 3.18 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased DSLR Remote Pro after 4 October 2021. Customers with older licenses need to buy an upgrade license to use this release.

Download DSLR Remote Pro    Buy DSLR Remote Pro

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Built-in Background Removal, Slo Mo, Video FX – Breeze Booth 3.1

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.1 is released today.

Chris has crammed so much into this release that it’s difficult to know where to begin.


What’s new?

Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.1 brings you built-in background removal, 240fps slo mo, and powerful video effects.

  • locally processed AI background removal and live view for photos, GIFs and videos
  • awesome slow motion video
  • fabulous new video booth effects

There is also a lightening fast local sync service which updates devices without using Dropbox or Internet, and two new video events in the App download.

Local background removal

AI Background removal for photos, GIFs and video is processed locally on iPads and iPhones, and includes live preview. No 3rd Party Services. No green background.

Blur or replace video backgrounds

Breeze built-in background removal (BIBG) offers far more than the web based version, and is cheaper to run.

  • BIBG works with live view
  • BIBG supports videos and burst GIFs as well as still photos
  • BIBG comes as standard with your subscription. There are no extra charges from Breeze or third party services.
  • BIBG delivers at speed.  No more waiting for images to be uploaded and downloaded to third party services,
  • BIBG is built into the app and runs without internet
  • BIBG can be used to alter a background, or remove it completely.

Try for yourself, download the background removal sample event here

Awesome slow motion

Booth now captures 240fps slow motion with rear cameras

Slo mo

Fabulous video effects

Create totally custom auto edits with the Edit List. Key framing (zoom, pan and rotate), jump cuts, forward / reverse and much more.

Or choose from our set of pre-programmed effects like 3*3 grid with fade out

3*3 grid with fade out

Booth 3.1 new video booth features include

  • 240 fps slow motion
  • Industry’s most powerful video timeline editor
  • Key framing: pan, zoom and rotate
  • Grid effects
  • Video  overlay
  • Video background
  • Background blur and colorwash
  • Background saturation and contrast control

Glitch overlay

More powerful video timeline editor

Create totally custom auto edits. Key framing (zoom and pan), jump cuts, forward / reverse boomerangs and much more.

Pan and zoom with the powerful video timeline editor

Photos and GIFs

Make guests stand out in photos and GIFs while keeping a sense of location –  combine background removal with background effects.

Click the images below for examples of the effects you can achieve

Varied background effects

Local Sync

Update Breeze for iPad Events without DropBox or cloud access using the Event Editor’s simple new Local Sync service.

Local sync is astonishingly fast. It’s also  simple to use.

Devices must be  connected to the same network as the Event Editor PC while using  Local Sync.  Switch the App to Dropbox or website based syncing for remote updates. More

Try for yourself

Which iPad/iPhone models can I use?

Breeze Booth runs on all iPads and iPhones running iPadiOS15 and iOS 15.

Videos, slow motion and background removal requiring live view

Videos, slow motion and background removal requiring live view run much better on powerful devices. We strongly recommend using fast recent iPads or iPhones for these applications.

At the time of writing (May 2022) recommended devices include the 2021 iPad Pro, 2022 iPad Air or 2022 iPhone SE.

The A11 processor (2019 or more recent models) is the minimum which can be used.

New to Booth for iPad?

Try Breeze for iPad completely free of charge. You will find help to get you started, fabulous free events and tutorials here

There’s also a detailed online manual.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad

Existing user?

There’s no charge to upgrade to Booth 3.1 and the latest release of the companion apps

Watch this space

We’ll be adding more video events you can download directly to your devices very soon.

And finally

A huge thank you to Steve Bliesner for creating and sharing the videos in this post.

© Breeze Systems May 2022

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0 supports videos & creative effects

We are delighted to announce the release of Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0. Jam packed with new features, this release takes the app to a whole new level.

Interested?  Try Booth ( iPad+iPhone) for free.

What’s New?

  • Video capture
  • Video special effects
  • On screen video preview
  • 360 spinner auto start
  • Video guest book
  • Browse variety of backgrounds and overlays before printing and sharing
  • Power saving mode
  • Low battery warning
  • Mains power loss warning

Looping video with intro, outro and overlay (Courtesy of Steve Bliesner Photo Booth Guys)

Swap between backgrounds & overlays after your photos are taken

Guests check how they look in up to 6 different environments before printing and sharing their photos..

Background swapping works with both AI background removal and print backgrounds/overlays.

More about AI background removal.

Guests check the effect of switching betwen different backgrounds before printing and sharing their photos (Breeze Booth for iPad with AI background removal)

You can also offer a choice of up to six print templates after the photos are taken:

Switching between print overlays (White, Navy & Black Gilded Garden overlays courtesy of Cherie Irwin Photo Booth Talk)

Video capture and special effects

Breeze for iPad’s fabulous new video tool works with both iPads and iPhones. Features include video capture, post processing, guest preview, 360 spinner support, 360 autostart, and video guest book.

Breeze 360  autostart – works with all spinners

No switches or coding required.

Attach an  iPhone or iPad running Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0 to any 360 spinner. Once the spinner starts to rotate, video capture starts automatically.

Video creative effects

Breeze for iPad video effects include

  • Jump cuts
  • Speed ramping
  • Slow motion
  • Fast forward
  • Reverse direction
  • Creative combinations of effects
  • Video intro and outro
  • Add MP4 soundtrack
  • Overlay
  • Control number of loops
  • Crop and resize videos

Add glitchy boomerangs and jump cuts  to Breeze (iPad+iPhone) videos (Courtesy of Steve Bliesner Photo Booth Guys)

Video preview

Guests  playback the final video before sharing it.

Video guest book

Guests record video messages for their hosts.

Power Saving

New power saving feature keeps the booth running longer and diaplays a warning when mains power is lost or the battery runs low.

There’s More

Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0 also includes

  • Remote power and battery status checking . More
  • New Crop Photo to Bounding Box option in the GIF layout Editor. More
  • Minor changes to the naming of temporary files for attachments when sending emails via Hub
  • Fix for recent issue logging into and out of Dropbox.

Photo Booth Expo 2022

Chris and I are so disappointed not to meet you in person at Photo Booth Expo this year, and thrilled that Steve Bliesner has made it to Vegas from Australia.

Have a a fantastic time, we look forward to catching up with you all at PBX 23.

Free Breeze Master Class

If you are lucky enough to be in Vegas for PBX, make sure you catch Steve’s Free Breeze Master Class on Thursday morning and see Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0 in action.

Industry leader, serial entrepreneur and popular speaker at PBX, Steve Bliesner is head honcho at Photo Booth Guys & I’m Steve.

Steve works with some of the biggest names at some of the biggest events all over the world. His business interests include running complex photobooth events, training, consultancy, and professional photography.

Breeze users also know him for his creative, organisational and technical expertise running Breeze apps. Come to Steve’s class to learn about the latest Breeze features at 10am on Thursday 24th.

Photo Booth Talk at PBX

Do drop by Photo Booth Talk and meet Cherie Irwin at the tradeshow – her booth  is next to Yo Props.  Cherie kindly allowed us to use her lovely designs to bring the new background swapping feature alive. You can  find Gilded Garden and the rest of Cherie’s design library at Photo Booth Talk.

Getting started

New to Breeze for iPad?

Try Breeze for iPad completely free of charge. You will find help to get you started, fabulous free events and tutorials here

There’s also a detailed online manual.

Video capture is supported for iPad and iPhone built in cameras.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 3.0 and try for yourself

Download the latest versions of the Windows companion app Event Editor 3.0 and Hub with Camera Controller 1.1.1

New sample video events for v3.0

We have built three sample video events for you all to try. Ready to run, you don’t need a subscription to try them out.

To download the events, run Breeze Quick Setup .

To run these events you need to run Breeze Booth 3.0 or future releases.

Quick Setup

QR code based Quick Setup is a fast and simple way to log in and set up Breeze Booth on your own and your customers devices. This is a great tool for white label, drop off and unattended booths. More

There’s a a unique QR code with the description of each event below. To load this event into your booth using Quick Start;

  • Open Breeze Booth and select the QR code button on the home screen
  • Show Breeze Booth the unique QR code for the event
  • Allow Breeze Booth access to your camera (only needed once)
  • If you are logged in the event starts straight away
  • If you running a free trial, or not logged in for any reason touch the start arrow to run the event.

These events switch to a slideshow if  left idle. Touch the screen to go back to the Ready screen for the next session.

More sample events and switching between them

360 spinner with auto start

Attach an  iPhone or iPad running Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.0 to any 360 spinner. When the spinner starts moving, countdown starts automatically.

Video guestbook

Record and share video messages for your hosts.

Boomerang video

Create and share boomerang videos which speed up and slow down.

To tweak these events, or use them as a start point for your own designs, use the powerful Windows Event Editor.

The Event Editor is one of the Breeze Booth Companion Apps you can download here

Technical Stuff

Platforms Supported: All iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 15, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 13, iOS14, iOS 13. Versions 15 and 14 are recommended.

Booth (iPad+iPhone) video capture is supported for cameras built into  iPads and iPhones.

Breeze Booth (DSLR+Windows) supports similar video effects with Canon cameras.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.


Thanks to Steve Bliesner, Cherie Irwin and the fantastic community of Breeze users whose suggestions, encouragement and support make running this business such fun.

Sue & Chris

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