Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.2 adds direct USB connection to Canon cameras

Breeze are delighted to announce the release of  Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.2 today, Wednesday 18th January.  We have also released upgrades to the Breeze companion apps: Event Editor 3.2, Hub and Camera Controller 1.1.4.

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.2 brings you direct USB connection between iPads /iPhones and Canon cameras.

This release also adds the ability to specify the age of photos deleted from the device using Auto Purge at 4am, fixes issues switching between built in cameras using the new iPad 10th Generation, and fixes an issue saving printer filters in Breeze Hub.

Why use  an external camera?

Running an iPad or iPhone booth with a separate Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera gives you

  • appeal to discerning customers looking for quality
  • better image quality
  • ability to use flash instead of ambient lighting
  • less obtrusive lighting when the booth is not active

Breeze Booth shoots video, stills and GIFs using Canon cameras or cameras built into the device in both landscape and portrait.

Which cameras can I use?

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) supports a huge range of Canon cameras. Choose from most Canon DSLRs, R10, R7, R3, M50 Mk II, M50, M200, M6 Mark II. Booth also supports Canon’s PowerShot SX70 HS, G5 X Mark II & G7 X Mark III Full list

Hot tip: Chris‘s pick is the Canon EOS R10. He believes the face detect auto focus gives it great potential for photo booth use.

How easy is it to switch between the iPad camera and a external camera?

Very simple. You switch between internal and external camera in the Breeze Booth app.

  1. Connect your camera to the device running Booth
  2. Switch on the camera
  3. Start the Breeze Booth App, select Camera  from the Home page, and switch on External Camera.


Connecting the camera

Connect the camera to the iPad/iPhone with a USB connection. It’s best to have a charging port so you can charge the iPad/iPhone at the same time.

Devices with USB C connection

We recommend using a USB C hub with a USB C charging port so you can charge the device and connect to the camera simultaneously.

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) connected to Canon camera via USB C hub with USB Ccharging port

You can connect devices with USB C connectors directly to the camera, but won’t be able to charge the device at the same time.

Devices with lightning connector

For older devices with lightning connectors, you need a lightning to USB adaptor. We recommend the lightning to USB adaptor has a lightning charging port so you can charge the device and connect to the camera simultaneously.

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) connected to Canon camera via lightning to USB adptor with lightning charging port

Do I still need the Breeze Booth camera controller to use a Canon camera with Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone)?

There’s no need to use the old Windows or Raspberry Pi Camera Controller to connect to an external camera.

Technical Stuff

Cameras Supported: Most Canon DSLRs, R10, R7, R3, M50 Mk II, M50, M200, M6 Mark II, PowerShot SX70 HS, G5 X Mark II & G7 X Mark III. iPad and iPhone front and rear facing integral cameras

Platforms Supported: iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 16, iPadOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 15

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 3.2 and try for yourself

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Windows 8.1 support ends for Breeze software

Many of you will know that Microsoft are ended support for Windows 8.1 on January 10th 2023.

Breeze also ended support for our software running on Windows 8.1 on January 10th.

Once Microsoft end Windows 8.1 support, we cannot test or support our products on this operating system safely. We strongly recommend anyone still running Breeze programs on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 upgrades to Windows 11 as soon as possible.

I’m still running Breeze on Windows 8.1, will the program stop working on January 10th?

If you are already running a Breeze program on Windows 8.1, we don’t expect it to stop working. However we recommend you upgrade your operating system to Windows 11 as soon as possible. Take a copy of both registration name and code, and deactivate the license (where needed) before you start in case of problems.

How do I tell whether my license is activated?

If you are not sure, start the program, click on Help then Register. This will display the registration window. If the license is activated there is a Deactivate.. button in the registration window as below:

Breeze licenses which are activated have a Deactivate… button on the registration screen

If your Breeze license is curently activated, you should deactivate it before upgrading Windows. If you need help, email .

Can I still upgrade my old Breeze license?

Any customer with a valid license for a current Breeze product can buy an upgrade license. All our Windows products include at least one year of free upgrades from the date the license was issued.

Copyright Breeze Systems January 2023