Email stopped working

This post is only relevant to users sending emails from older releases of Breeze DSLR Remote Pro, Hub, Kiosk and Webcam Photobooth.

Some long  time users recently reported that their photo booth apps stopped sending emails, and could not understand what might be wrong. This post explains two possible reasons, and what to do about them.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): A growing number of ISPs require TLS version 1.2, which is not supported in older versions of some Breeze apps

GMAIL Authentication: Google changed the requirements for authenticating Gmail emails in 2020. As a result many Gmail users found they could no longer send emails from third party apps.

What is Transport Layer Security and how might it affect me?

You may be familiar with Gmail authentication, but it’s quite likely you never heard of Transport Layer Security (TLS) before.

TLS is a protocol used to send communications securely over computer networks [Ref Wikipedia]. Many ISPs send emails using simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), and SMTP emails use transport layer security (TLS).

Don’t worry if this sounds like gobbledegook.

What you need to understand is that a growing number of ISPs require third partys apps to use the new TLS version 1.2, instead of the older TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.0.

Older versions of Breeze photo booth apps support SMTP emails using TLS version 1.0 or TLS version 1.1.

These releases can no longer use ISPs who require TLS to send emails.

Which Breeze programs support TLS 1.2?

The following Breeze programs and later versions already support TLS 1.2. These releases will not be affected if your ISP decides to require TLS 1.2.

DSLR Remote Pro v3.9
Breeze Kiosk v1.4.4
Webcam Photobooth v2.6
Breeze Hub – all versions

Older versions of DSLR Remote Pro, Kiosk and Webcam Photobooth support TLS 1.1 and 1.0. These programs won’t be able to send SMTP emails from servers requiring TLS 1.2.

Customers who do not share by email from their photo booth app are not affected, and don’t need to do anything.

What can I do if the ISP I use to send emails from Breeze apps now requires TLS 1.2?

If your ISP starts to require TLS 1.2, you can

  • either upgrade to a release supporting TLS 1.2
  • or switch to a different ISP which sends SMTP emails using TLS1.1 or TLS 1.0.

What is Gmail Authentication and how can it affect me?

Google changed the requirements for authenticating Gmail emails in 2020.  Gmail users now need to  ‘authenticate’ ie approve third party applications which send emails from their gmail accounts.

How to get Gmail email  working gain

Most Breeze users addressed this in 2020, but a few of you are still coming across this issue.

Which Breeze  apps support Gmail authentication?

The following Breeze programs and subsequent releases support Gmail authentication

DSLR Remote Pro v3.15
Breeze Kiosk v2
Webcam Photobooth 2.6
Breeze Hub v1.2.3

If you are running older versions of these apps and want to use Gmail to send emails from your booth, you need to upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro v3.15,  Kiosk v2, Webcam Photobooth 2.6,  Hub v1.2.3 or more recent releases and authenticate your Gmail account

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BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.3 supports OM1 raw files

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.3 was released yesterday 27 June 2022.

This release

  • adds support for viewing OM Systems OM1 raw files using the embedded JPEG preview image
  • fixes an issue reading color temperature of kelvin white balance for the Canon EOS 5D MARK IV

Try for yourself

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.3 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased a BreezeBrowser Pro license after 27 December 2020.

Customers with older BreezeBrowser Pro licenses need to buy an upgrade to the latest release.

Learn more and download BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.3.

Free trial. Download and run BreezeBrowser Pro for up to 14 days free of charge.

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Choosing a computer for your Windows photo booth

My all time favorite comment in the Breeze Facebook group began

Anything with more processing power than a potato can generally run Breeze.

It’s absolutely true that you can run a stills Breeze photo booth on a low powered computer, although we don’t support the King Edward or Yukon Gold.

The same poster added

 …I’m not doing gifs or videos, just photo layouts and prints.

Which was a sensible caveat. Before choosing your computer, think how it will be used.

Videos, burst GIFs, photos with filters, background removal and other effects run much better on a more powerful machine.

Probably not the best power source for a video booth

We have added a new page to the website Choosing a computer for your photo booth.

This page replaces one of our most popular blog posts and includes advice about hardware requirements for processing videos quickly. This is  probably the most demanding task for a photo booth computer.

Have a great weekend,


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BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.2 released

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.2 was released today, 1 March 2022.

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.2

This release

  • Introduces  support for displaying thumbnail images from Nikon Z9 raw files
  • Adds support for displaying Canon EOS-1D X Mark III focus points
  • Fixes an issue displaying images with filenames containing % characters in slideshows

Try for yourself

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.2 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased a BreezeBrowser Pro license after 1 September 2020

Customers with older BreezeBrowser Pro licenses need to buy an upgrade to the latest release.

Learn more and download BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.2.

Free trial. Download and run BreezeBrowser Pro for up to 14 days free of charge.

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Speed ramping, jump cuts & other creative effects in DSLR Remote Pro 3.17

We are delighted to let you know that Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.17 aka Booth (DSLR+Windows) has been released today.

This release builds video post processing into the app, adding  speed ramping, jump cuts, boomerangs and other creative effects.

How can I edit my videos?

DSLR Remote Pro’s new built in video processing includes

  • Jump cuts
  • Speed ramping
  • Slow motion
  • Fast forward
  • Reverse direction
  • Creative combinations of effects
  • Video intro and outro
  • Add MP3 soundtrack
  • Overlay
  • Control number of loops
  • Crop and resize videos

Video preview

Guests  playback the final video before sharing it.

Can I add these effects to slow motion videos?

Sure. Speed up, slow down, reverse direction – add all the effects above to your slow motion videos.

New samples folder for testing designs

DSLR Remote Pro’s simulated camera mode lets you run the booth without a camera while building and testing designs.

DSLR Remote Pro 3.17 adds a set of four sample photos to use during testing.

GIF created from sample images included with DSLR Remote Pro 3.17

Use these or your own images to create prints, GIFs, processed photos etc while running in simulated camera mode.

If you prefer to use your own images, create a subfolder  called Photobooth Samples in your Documents folder and place JPG photos and MP4 movies there.


This release also fixes an issue with the taking.jpg screen not being displayed when an animation is used for the countdown

Photo Booth Expo

Going to Photo Booth Expo next week? Make sure you catch Steve Bliesner’s Free Breeze Master Class on Thursday morning and see v3.17 in action.

Industry leader, serial entrepreneur and popular speaker at PBX, Steve is head honcho at Photo Booth Guys & I’m Steve.

Steve works with some of the biggest names at some of the biggest events all over the world. His business interests include running complex photobooth events, training, consultancy, and professional photography.

Breeze users also know him for his creative, organisational and technical expertise running Breeze apps. Come to Steve’s class to learn about the latest Breeze features at 10am on Thursday 24th.

Upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro 3.17 today

DSLR Remote Pro 3.17 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased DSLR Remote Pro after 16th February 2021. Customers with older licenses need to buy an upgrade license to use this release.

Download DSLR Remote Pro    Buy DSLR Remote Pro

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Emails from DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1

DSLR Remote Pro 3.16 included a major update to sharing from the app, including

  • No more waiting for images to upload before the next session starts –  DSLR Remote Pro 3.16 sends emails & texts in the background
  • Share high quality MP4 copies of GIFs as standard
  • Full control over email attachments
  • Report event sharing stats to your clients
  • New Scan at startup option to spot and share any unsent texts and emails

The email tutorials have been rewritten to reflect these enhancements.

Three tutorials explain  how to email photo, GIF and video images from a touchscreen photo booth running DSLR Remote Pro.

Sending Emails 1 runs through the basics

  • Running the setup wizard to create a full set of screens and working booth
  • Setting up email server settings
  • Sharing GIFs, prints and MP4s
  • Image quality vs sharing speed
  • Checking for unsent emails

 Sending Emails 2  focuses on efficient sharing at large and busy events, collecting email addresses and sharing statistics

  • Efficient sharing at large and busy events
  • Running a separate sharing station
  • Touch free sharing
  • Logging email addresses
  • Sharing statistics

Sending Emails 3 introduces branding and personalizing emails, and choosing email attachments

  • Branding and personalizing emails sent from the booth
  • Selecting email attachments

Thank you for taking the time reading this post. Feedback on these and other tutorials is always welcome.

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New tutorial – Using Touch Screen Actions to customize Breeze screens

Breeze apps offer unparalled creative control over what guests see and experience at your booth. The power and flexibility of touch screen actions are key to this experience.

When Breeze Booth apps are powered by touch screens, touch screen actions control what happens when a guest touches the screen.

I have added a new tutorial to the website to help DSLR Remote Pro, Multi-Camera, Webcam Photobooth & Flipbook Photobooth users use these actions to take control of the guest interface. Find Customizing Breeze Screens here


Using Hub to copy Breeze Booth for iPad images to a PC

Breeze Hub automatically copies images from the iPad to a Windows PC during events.

The latest  website tutorial explains how to set this up, as well as how to automate uploading images to Dropbox while the event is running.

Find Automatic upload of Breeze Booth images to the cloud or a Windows device during events here

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DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1 & Hub

12 January 2022

Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1 & Hub were released today, fixing an issue adding attachments to emails as file attachments.

DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1 also fixes an issue with UIDs not being updated in stills photo booth mode when the keyboard shortcut F5 is used to start the shooting sequence.

We recommend everyone using Hub 1.2.6 and DSLR Remote Pro 3.16 upgrades to these releases.

DSLR Remote Pro is also known as Breeze Booth (DSLR+ Windows)

Do I need to pay to upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1?

Upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro 3.16.1

Download DSLR Remote Pro    Buy DSLR Remote Pro

Is there a charge for upgrading to Hub

Hub is free to all Breeze customers. There is no charge to upgrade to Hub

Download Hub with Breeze Booth companion Apps here

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Breeze XML files – Gobbledegook or Important?

A quick note about XML files stored with your photos. Several of you asked recently what they are for and how to get rid of them. These files are not just gobbledegook – they contain useful and sometimes essential information.

Email and text XML

DSLR Remote Pro 3.16 onwards shares emails and texts in the background. To make this work the app stores email addresses, cell phone numbers and other essential information in small XML files.

email_……….xml contains sharing information for emails.

text_….xml holds similar information about texts.

When sharing MP4s these files are stored in the MP4 folder. If you share prints they are stored in the prints folder.

Icon for email xml file Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.16

You need email and text xmls to

  • Send all emails and texts
  • Send emails and texts after the event if processing was interrupted for any reason
  • Create reports of sharing data

Do not delete these files until you are confident they are no longer needed. They use very little space on your computer.

Photobooth Summary XML

Breeze apps create a small file containing information about each photo booth session which is stored alongside the photos. Typically they are called IMG_nnnn.XML

Breeze DSLR Remote Pro PhotoBoothImages folder showing Photobooth summary files for each session

They are not essential for most users, but they take up very little space and we suggest almost all of you keep them.

Who needs the photobooth summary XML files?

We recommend

  • Everyone creates photobooth summary XML unless they cause a specific problem.
  • Retain the XML with your images until you are ready to delete the images, or need to remove personal data.
  • Do not delete these files until you are confident they are no longer needed. They use very little space on your computer.

Photobooth summary data can be suppressed if required. More

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


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