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Breeze software for 360 booths

A quick note about using Breeze with 360 booths.

Truth is you don’t need a special app to run a 360 booth. You need a great photo booth app with video capture, slow motion, video FX and a way to start the session ….. like Breeze.

We recommend using Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) for 360 booths with an iPhone running 2022 iPhone SE, iPhone 14 or iPhone 13.

Use the high quality rear camera to shoot your videos, and either share them directly from Breeze Booth, or from a Windows tablet running Breeze Kiosk.

Video FX & Built in AI background removal

Use Breeze Booth for iPad’s powerful AI background removal and video effects.

  • locally processed AI background removal or blurring, with live view¬†
  • awesome slow motion
  • fabulous video FX

Find more examples of video effects here

Breeze for iPad Auto Start

Auto Start detects when a 360 degree spinner starts spinning – automatically starts the countdown and captures the video.

Auto Start detects when a 360 degree spinner starts spinning, automatically starts the countdown and captures the video (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.3)

Sharing your videos

Videos can be shared directly from Booth (iPad+ iPhone), or a sharing station running Breeze Kiosk.

To share from the iPhone screen set up email and/or SMS sharing as standard for the app.
To share from Kiosk use a local network to wirelessly connect the iPhone to a Windows tablet running Breeze Kiosk.

Connecting the app with Kiosk

To connect the iPhone and Kiosk tablet together you need to set up a local network.

  • Switch on Personal Hotspot on the iPhone, and Allow Others to join. This creates a your network ( no wifi or mobile signal needed) Set a Wi-Fi password in the iPhone to prevent others accessing the network
  • Alternatively set up your network with a MiFi or 4G modem router. These can provide a local wi-fi network as well as connecting to a mobile data network

Breeze Kiosk is fully customizable Windows app for guests to display, print and share photos, videos and GIFs from your event.

* Kiosk https://www.breezesys.com/solutions/breeze-kiosk/ is a separate Purchase.

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