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Update to Breeze for iPad Home Page & free sample video events

In the three years since Breeze for iPad was launched, the app has matured into our most powerful photo booth software.

I’m delighted to share with you that Steve  has given the iPad homepage a much needed update to reflect the incredible features which have been added along the way.

A huge thank you to Steve for producing this gorgeous page and generously sharing many of the images it includes, such as the example of blend modes at the top of this post.

Take a look

Try video effects showcased on the website

Breeze Booth 3 and 3.1 add revolutionary video features: 360 Auto Start, locally processed AI Background Removal, Key Framing, Slow Motion and the industry’s most powerful video timeline editor.

In the video booth section of the new page,  he includes samples demonstrating some of these effects. To download these  video booth events to  your own device:

Note: Videos, slow motion and background removal requiring live view run much better on powerful devices. We strongly recommend using fast recent iPads or iPhones these events. At the time of writing recommended devices include the 2021 iPad Pro, 2022 iPad Air or 2022 iPhone SE.

Scanning this code will replace all events currently loaded into the app with six sample video events. To restore previous events, see below

It may take a little time to download all the events so please be patient.

Breeze Booth Home Screen. Touch (1) to scan a QR code, (2) to start the current event (Grid Effect) , (3) to open the Events window and switch to a different Event

Five sample video events are downloaded to the app:

  1. Grid effect
  2. AI background detection
  3. Video overlays
  4. Size and Placement
  5. Pan and zoom

When the events are first downloaded, the app will be ready to run Grid Effect.

3*3 Grid Effect (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.1)

Switch to any of the others in the Events window by selecting the event name and choosing Run.

Restoring previous events in the app after running the video samples

Scanning the Video Samples QR code into the app replaces whatever events are there at the time.

  • To reinstall your own customized events after trying the video samples, download them in the usual way. Updating events in the Breeze Booth App
  • To  reinstall the original demo events, scan this QR code into the Breeze Booth App.
Scanning this code into Breeze Booth will replace all events currently loaded into the app with the initial set of demo events

Adapting these events for your own use

To adapt these events  for your own use download them as a zip file and import them into the Event Editor.

Importing an event into Event Editor 3.1: Click on Import Event.. in the Event Editor, open the folder for the event you want to import, click on event_info.xml and press Open

These sample video booth events are free to use whether you have a subscription/voucher or are using the free trial.

AI Background detection blurs the video background

Thanks again Steve!

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