Breeze Booth 1.0.4 is here

Breeze Booth (iPad + iPhone) 1.0.4 and companion app Event Editor 1.3.1 are released today.

What’s new?

  • MP3 soundtracks for MP4 slideshows and boomerangs
  • Support for multiple props in each image
  • Display virtual prop text correctly both in live view and outputs
  • Improved AirPrint support
  • Support for iPadOS and iOS 13

Vary the props in your GIFs and photos

Use several digital props in one photo or GIF

You can find a tutorial outlining how to add virtual props here, and more details in the online manual.

Display virtual text correctly in both live view and outputs

Photo booth live view is usually mirrored so that guests see themselves as they would in a mirror. This causes problems with text in virtual props because the text is also mirrored. Breeze Booth 1.0.4 solves this problem.

Soundtracks for MP4 videos

Add a soundtrack to MP4 copies of both slideshow and burst GIFs. How to add sound tracks.

Sound track for slideshow GIF in Breeze Booth (iPad + iPhone) screens folder

Support for iPadOS and iOS 13

Booth (iPad and iPhones) 1.0.4 supports both Apple’s new iPadOS and iOs13 as well as iOS 12.

How do I upgrade to this release?

Breeze Booth 1.0.4 and Event Editor v1.3.1  were released on 30th September and are free upgrades for all Breeze Booth (iPad + iPhone) subscribers.

Download Breeze Booth from the App Store

Download the Windows based companion apps Event Editor and Hub here

Can I try this for free?

Yes! Download and try Breeze Booth from the App Store, and companion Apps Event Editor and Breeze Hub from our website. There’s no charge for this. You don’t even need to buy a license to create your own events. Just download and install Breeze Booth Event Editor 1.3.1 onto a Windows PC.

* Devices must run iPadOS, iOS 13 or iOS 12.

How to buy a Breeze Booth subscription

Breeze Booth subscriptions cost just US $49 /month or US $440 /per year. Open an account at before you buy a subscription.

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