Breeze for iPad 3.1.1 released – Live View support for Choice of Background, Audio Guest Book and more

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 3.1.1 is released today.

We are also releasing updates to the Breeze Booth companion apps, Event Editor v3.1.1, Breeze Hub v1.2.6.3 and Camera Controller v1.1.1.

What’s new?

Booth 3.1.1 offers

  • Audio guest book mode
  • Smoother integration of background removal with live view during count down and capture
  • Choice of background removal experience before starting each session
  • New Overlay & Background Suffixes simplify building and repurposing events with a choice of  AIBG experience.
  • Overlay & background suffixes can also select screens displayed during countdown and capture, and print/slideshow GIF overlay and backgrounds
  • Ability to change screens and outputs to reflect answers to survey questions
  • Three new free sample events
  • Professional Background Removal demo has been updated to include background removal during live view and count down
  • Support for three new Canon R series cameras : EOS R10, EOS R7, and EOS R3, with excellent face detect autofocus.

Breeze Booth 3.1.1 also adds an option to copy profiles from another event, improves performance and reliability when syncing files to Breeze Hub, and fixes an issue sending  emails with cc addresses via Hub.

Audio guest book mode

Delight the bride and groom with a collection of audio messages from their guests.

Choosing AI background before the session starts

As soon as Breeze users could apply background removal to live view, they wanted to try the effect of different backgrounds.

Trying the effect of different backgrounds on the Booth ready screen

Use either the new Overlay & Background Suffixes or profiles for this effect.

Try on your own iPad/iPhone – use the AI Background Removal Choices QR code to download this event into Booth 3.1.1 on your own device.

Background replaced during countdown and capture (photos, videos and burst GIFs)

Breeze Booth 3.1 introduced live view with background removal on the photo, GIF and video ready screens.

Booth 3.1.1 takes this further by applying background and overlay images to live view when using local background removal.

Overlay/background suffix

New overlay/background suffixes provide a way to dynamically select screen overlays and backgrounds. They can also be used to dynamically  select which screen is displayed.

Screens reflect guests answers to survey questions

Booth’s interface now can be adapted during each session to reflect guests answers to survey questions.

In the video below the countdown GIF, background & print design reflect Chris’ choice of chocolate , pistachio or strawberry ice cream. The photo background is replaced during countdown and on prints and GIFs.

Testing ice cream flavors aka the new sample event (Survey+AI Background removal). 

Too hot to work?

Take a trip to the moon. Scan this QR code with your iPad/iPhone’s camera to load the updated  Background Removal event into Booth 3.1.1.

New sample events

Scan the QR code below with your iPad/iPhone’s camera to load the new  background removal events into the app.

To explore and adapt these events for your own use, download the zip file here and import the events into the Event Editor.

We strongly recommend using fast recent devices when using  built in background removal with live view and/or videos. At the time of writing recommended devices include the 2021 iPad Pro, 2022 iPad Air and 2022 iPhone SE.

Promising new photo booth camera

Booth’s Camera Controller v1.1.1 adds support for three new Canon cameras, the EOS R10, EOS R7 and EOS R3. All have excellent face detect auto focus.

Chris is impressed with the  excellent face detect auto focus of Canon’s new EOS R10

Chris recently tested the R10 and believes the face detect auto focus gives it great potential for photo booth use. The next release of DSLR Remote Pro will include support for the R10 and R7.

Which iPad/iPhone models can I use with Breeze Booth 3.1.1?

Breeze Booth 3.1.1 runs on all iPads and iPhones running iPadiOS15 and iOS 15.

Background removal including live view runs much better on powerful devices. We strongly recommend using fast recent iPads or iPhones when using background removal.

At the time of writing (August 2022) recommended devices include the 2021 iPad Pro, 2022 iPad Air or 2022 iPhone SE.

The A11 processor (2019 or more recent models) is the minimum which can be used.

New to Booth for iPad?

Try Breeze for iPad completely free of charge. The demonstration and sample events are free to use as well.

You will find help to get you started, more fabulous free events and tutorials here

There’s also a detailed online manual.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad

Existing user?

There’s no charge to upgrade to Booth 3.1.1 and the latest release of the companion apps

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