Breeze (iPad+iPhone) 2.1 adds Skin Softening & Blend Modes

We are really excited to release Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) 2.1 just as many of you are dusting down your booths and running events again. This release adds a fantastic skin softening filter and overlay blend modes for GIF overlays.

Skin softening filter

What party guest doesn’t want to see themself with smooth, flawless skin? Add a touch of glamour  to your photos and GIFs with the new skin softening filter.

Breeze Booth’s new softening filter includes 10 levels of softening.

Original image [left] and with 0.4 strength smoothing filter applied [right]

Same original image [left] and with stronger 0.7 strength smoothing filter applied [right]

Original image courtesy of The Photo Booth Guys

Skin softening is now included in the Props and Filters demo app.

Overlay blend modes

Breeze Booth  2.1 also introduces overlay blend modes for both slideshow and burst GIF overlays.

Blend modes can be used creatively to achieve many different effects.  These examples are kindly provided by The Photo Booth Guys

Breeze Booth Overaly Bend example

Original [left] and Caption blend overlay applied [right]

Breeze Booth blend example Lighten blend

Original [left] and Lighten blend overlay applied [right]

Original [left] and Darken blend overlay applied [right]


Breeze Booth for iPad 2.1 also adds

  • alignment options for print captions
  • printing from the gallery sharing screen
  • fixes for issues  sharing images through Hub and from the gallery

Enhancement to QR code based touch free operation

Several users asked for the ability to touch the screen to run a new  session with the previous QR code details, so guests don’t have to scan the same  QR code repeatedly.

This has been included with Breeze (iPad+iPhone) 2.1

Ready to run

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 2.1 from the App Store, log in and run your first event.

For help getting started see the tutorial page

User notes

Applying Skin Softening

Add or remove skin softening in the Event Editor. You can vary the stength of this filter betweem 0 and 1.0. We suggest using the default value (0.4) for most events.

To apply skin softening in a new event, check Apply skin smoothing filter at Step 2 of the Event Creator (Breeze Booth Event Editor)


For existing events switch skin softening on or off, and adjust the strength by checking Apply skin smoothing filter in  the Event Editor General screen (Breeze Booth Event Editor)

Applying blend modes to GIF Overlays

Overlay blend modes are applied to overlays using the Slideshow and Burst GIF tab in the Event Editor. (Image shows applying a lighten blend mode to the sllideshow GIF overlay)

Technical Stuff

Platforms Supported (updated October 2021): All iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 15, iPadOS 15, iOS14, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 13, iOS14, iOS 13. Versions 15 and 14 are recommended.

Cameras Supported: iPad and iPhone front and rear facing integral cameras. Most Canon EOS DSLR and R series cameras, Canon’s mirrorless M50 Mk II, M50, M200, M6 Mark II PowerShot SX70 HS, G5 X Mark II & G7 X Mark III.

Trial version/While logged out: There’s no need to use a subscription while you test Breeze for iPad or work on new events. Watermarks are added after the first 10 images each day.

Free upgrades: included with all subscriptions.

Download Breeze Booth for iPad 2.1 and try for yourself

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