Breeze Kiosk 1.5.1 released

Breeze Kiosk 1.5.1 is the latest release of our flexible sharing software for corporate and social events.

 Kiosk runs on a low powered Windows tablet running Windows 10, 8  or 7. Use it to share and print images from all Breeze photo booth programs DSLR Remote Pro, Webcam Photobooth and Breeze Booth for iPad.

You can also use Kiosk with still (JPEG) and animated (GIF, MP4 or MOV) images captured by third party software.

What’s new in Kiosk 1.5.1?

Social sharing counters

Collect stats on emails, texts and tweets sent from each Kiosk as well as the number of prints.

Breeze Kiosk 1.5.1 Photo Event INfor screen shows number of emails, texts, tweets and prints from the kiosk at an event
Breeze Kiosk 1.5.1 includes new counters for the number of emails, texts, tweets and prints from the kiosk at an event

Flexible printing

  • Print up to 3 different print sizes
  • Control several printers
Print up to 3 different sizes of print on the same or different printers with Breeze Kiosk 1.5.1

Choose up to 3 different printer settings. In the screenshot above the default printer (1) is a Mitsubishi CP70D printing 4″ x 6″ layouts. Prints prefixed square (2) are printed square on the same CP70D printer. Single 2″x 6″ strips are displayed in Kiosk as single strips, but printed (3)  as double strips on 4″x6″media.

This feature can also be used to print to 3 different printers.

Slideshow plays full video before advancing

New option to play videos at least once when running a slideshow i.e. don’t advance the slideshow until the video has played from start to finish at least once.

Performance improvements

Performance improvements for swiping images when running on Microsoft Surface Go


  • Fixed glitch with the selected thumbnail changing when new images are added with the “Display newest images first” option selected
  • Fixed issue which caused the wrong photo to being printed if a new photo was added while the print confirmation screen was displayed
  • Fixed issue setting the initial values of check boxes in keyboards

This release is a free upgrade for all registered users who bought a Kiosk license on or after 30th May, 2018.

Customers with older Kiosk licenses need to buy an upgrade to use this release.

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Note: This post was updated on 3rd June 2019 to add details of the new social sharing counter.


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