DSLR Remote Pro 3.18.1 released today

Breeze Booth (DSLR+Windows) aka DSLR Remote Pro 3.18.1 was released today.

This release expands the choice of images uploaded by DSLR Remote Pro’s File Uploader.

What’s new in 3.18.1?

  • File Uploader can upload both original and cropped/resized versions of the print layout
  • Survey responses can be made available to other apps and scripts by writing them to the Windows registry as soon as the survey has been completed.
  • New event date and event time tokens  {eventDate} and {eventId}  provide a way to identify events.

This release also fixes issues where ready overlay screen images were cropped when using profiles and animated GIFs,  and email attachments for processed photos and thumbnails not being sent unless the original photos were selected.

Upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro 3.18.1 today

DSLR Remote Pro 3.18.1 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased DSLR Remote Pro after 31 October 2021. Customers with older licenses need to buy an upgrade license to use this release.

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