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Breeze Multi-Camera 2.1.4 released

Breeze Multi-Camera 2.1.4 was released today, adding support for four new mirrorless cameras.

High end events to Hollywood blockbusters.

With a proven track record in high end events, blockbuster movies, advertising campaigns and even the National Geographic, Breeze Multi-Camera gives you full creative control with branded overlays, custom screens, green screen support and more.

What’s New in Multi-Camera 2.1.4?

This release adds

  • Support for four new mirrorless cameras: Canon EOS R8, Canon EOS R7,Canon EOS R50 and Canon EOS R100
  •  Run at Start Up option for the Multi-Camera Animator.

Multi-Camera 2.1.4 also fixes  an issue capturing CR3 raw files.

We are switching to a new single price for Multi-Camera upgrades, effective today 9th August 2023. This is a huge price reduction for owners of larger Multi-Camera rigs.

Chris’ comments on the new cameras

The Canon EOS R100 is the best value camera for camera arrays. If you need better image quality from a full frame camera the Canon EOS R8 offers the best value.

Canon EOS R100 camera showing hot shoe with center contacts
Canon EOS R100 – Best value for camera arrays
Canon EOS R8 camera body
Canon EOS R8 – Best value full frame camera

The Canon EOS R50 is fine for product photography, but not suitable for camera arrays because it does not have a remote release socket.

Canon EOS R50 camera showing hot show with no center contacts
Canon EOS R50 – No center contacts on hot shoe

What next..

Learn more about Breeze Multi-Camera software and download a copy of the program to try for yourself.

Breeze Multi-Camera 2.1.4  is a free upgrade for all registered users of DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera who purchased a license on or after 9 February 2022. Customers with older licenses can buy an upgrade license to use this release.

Download Breeze Multi-Camera 2.1.4        Buy full license

New Upgrade pricing

We have switched to a new single price for Multi-Camera upgrades, effective today 9th August 2023.

Existing Multi-Camera and DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera license holders can upgrade their existing license for just US $350 here

This is a huge price reduction for owners of large Multi-Camera rigs.

To upgrade a Multi-Camera license and increase the number of cameras,  contact sales@breezesys.com for a quotation.

Camera images courtesy of Canon Europe

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