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Greenscreen Gifs with animated backgrounds and overlays

Have you tried Breeze transparent greenscreen? It’s a great way to make your GIFs stand out.

This tutorial assumes you can already shoot simple green screen photo booth images with DSLR Remote Pro, and explains how to add animated backgrounds and overlays  to a slideshow GIF.

Usually when you shoot in greenscreen, each photo is saved with a single green screen background. Transparent greenscreen removes the background from an image and stores it as a png with a transparent background. This lets you add a variety of backgrounds later.

Selecting transparent greenscreen processing in Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 3.11.4


The original photo is shot against a greenscreen background


DLSR Remote Pro removes the green background and saves the photo on a transparent background

Breeze lets you combine these images into a slideshow GIF which has an animated background.

Add the GIF backgrounds

To make a slideshow GIF with an animated background,  you need to add a series of GIF backgrounds to your PhotoBoothImages folder.

My GIF has 3 photos. Each of these photos will have 3 different background images.

9 GIF backgrounds in the PhotoBoothImages folder (Breeze DLSR Remote Pro 3.11.4)

The background images are named GIF_background_1.jpg through to GIF_background_9.jpg

Add the GIF overlays

My GIFs will  have 9 overlays called GIF_overlay_1.png through to GIF_overlay_9.png

9 GIF overlays in the PhotoBoothImages folder (Breeze DLSR Remote Pro 3.11.4)

Add the on-screen background

To keep things simple I am using 1 still background image for the on screen preview. This is called greenscreen_background.jpg as usual.

Greenscreen background image in the PhotoBoothImages folder (Breeze DLSR Remote Pro 3.11.4)

Select your animated GIF settings

First enable animated GIFs .  How to make slideshow GIFs

  1. There are 3 backgrounds and overlays for each photo
  2. Each photo will be shown for one second
  3. The GIF will be displayed for at least 3 seconds

Printing transparent greenscreen images

The photos are saved with transparent backgrounds, so you can print them against a white background, or on a single background image. The images can be a different color from the background.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Slideshow GIFs from photo booth strips: DSLR Remote Pro

Slideshow and Boomerang animated GIFs

You can make two kinds of animated GIFs using DSLR Remote Pro 3.8 and Webcam Photobooth 2.4 : slideshow and boomerang. Slideshow GIFs contain still photos taken during normal photobooth operation. You can set up your booth to print the strips (or other layout) and share the same photos in an animated GIF – which looks much more interesting than viewing a strip on a phone.

Boomerang aka Burst GIFs are captured with a short video clip. Both types of GIF can be shared via MMS/SMS, emailed and uploaded to social media.

How to create slideshow GIFs

This blog post explains how to create  slideshow GIFs with animated overlays using the Photo Booth Setup Wizard in DSLR Remote Pro 3.8. Photos are printed in the usual way; guests can share the same images as an animated GIF. You can customize your GIFs using the advanced settings.

Start DSLR Remote Pro and run the Photobooth Setup Wizard. This example uses a strip of 4 photos. Choose whether to share via Twitter, MMS/SMS or email at Step 3. (Leave these boxes unchecked if you are using a separate sharing station.) This  example creates a 4 photo strip; guests can share their GIFs using MMS/SMS.

Shows DSLR Remote Pro 3.8 Setup Wizard Step 2
Photobooth Setup Wizard Step 3: sharing MMS/SMS DSLR Remote Pro 3.8

Next tell the program to create a slideshow GIF:

Showing Slideshow GIF settings DSLR Remote Pro 3.8 for blog post
Slideshow GIF settings DSLR Remote Pro 3.8

1. Select Advanced Settings

2. Choose Settings on the Photobooth Settings screen

3. Check Share animated GIFs so that guests can share their GIF from the booth.  (Leave this box unchecked if you are using a separate sharing station.)

4. Check Create an animated GIF from the photos

5. Then choose the Animated GIF settings to display the Animated GIF settings screen:

Shows Animated GIF settings screen DSLR Remote Pro 3.8
Animated GIF settings screen DSLR Remote Pro 3.8

6. A photo width of 600 pixels is a good start point. Use the settings in the image above to create an animated GIF from the whole photo (landscape orientation) without any border. Check the final box if you want to make an MP4 copy of each GIF.

7. When you have chosen the settings you need click OK (here and  the other pop up windows until you return to the main screen).

Adding an animated overlay to a slideshow GIF

You can create an animated overlay from a set of transparent png images. The falling snow effect here uses 12 images to create the animation. The snow flakes are in a different position on each  image. (3 snowflake overlays are shown over each of the 4 photos.) You can download the snowflake overlays here .

To add an animated overlay return to the Animated GIF Settings screen (Repeat 1 to 5 above, selecting Advanced Settings, then Settings, then Animated GIF Settings.)

Change the number of overlays per photo to 3 and click OK (here and  the other pop up windows until you return to the main screen).

Shows Animated GIF settings for animated overlay
Animated GIF settings for animated overlay (here 3 overlays per photo)

Now copy the overlay images you downloaded into the PhotoBoothImages folder containing your screens (A). The overlays must be named GIF_overlay_1.png through to GIF_overlay_12.png (B).

Showing PhotoBoothImages folder containing screen layouts and overlay png files
PhotoBoothImages folder containing screen layouts and overlay png files

Run the booth and you will create both a strip of four photos and a slideshow GIF with the animated overlay here:

Christmas slideshow GIF with animated overlay DSLR Remote Pro 3.8

Learn how to create animated GIFs with a border and/or title.

Create boomerang GIFs with an animated overlay.

If you found this post useful please share it with others. You are welcome to use these snowflake overlays in your own booth with DSLR Remote Pro.

Happy Christmas!