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Breeze Booth for iPad 3.4.1 – AI image generation

Breeze Booth for iPad 3.4.1. was released today, linking AI image generation services to the power of Breeze Booth for iPad’s photo booth app.

To create AI  images of your guests use Breeze Booth for iPad’s new post processing feature with a third party AI generation service*

This release also includes an easy to use survey builder.

Create AI effects

Booth 3.4.1’s new  post processing option supports third party image processing, making it possible to create, print and share AI generated images of guests at events.

*Third party services adding AI effects to images

We Fly Kites and Printaparty are currently building AI Image generation services designed to integrate with Breeze Booth for iPad.

Steve Bliesner and Faisal Achmad have kindly let me try pre-release versions of both. See the results below:

Print containing photo converted to Manga
I love this  Manga cartoon created in Breeze Booth for iPad using Printaparty.sg ‘s AI Generation service
Photo before AI Manga effect added
Original photo

Steve’s AI Image generation demo wowed visitors to the Breeze stand at Photo Booth Expo Europe last month.

Ageing effect courtesy of We Fly Kites The event included a survey to let users choose how much to age themselves.

Advanced Breeze users can build their own  interface to third party AI services such as Stability AI.

Breeze Booth for iPad screenshot
Enabling post processing and selecting the AI generation service URL (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.4.1)

New Breeze Booth for iPad Survey Builder

Booth’s new survey builder is a fast and simple way to build custom surveys. The following screenshots show how to build a survey with an age gate, autoemail and choice of cartoon style:

The survey builder can include check boxes, radio buttons and text, optional or mandatory fields. To automatically email my photo select autoemail:

Defining the survey screen (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.4.1).

Tip: Choose meaningful field names for your surveys.

Survey tokens

Special survey tokens are created which can be used in many ways, including

  • separating output into different folders
  • print captions
  • using radio buttons to offer a choice of effect (here Manga, Pop or basic cartoon) by selecting different post processing URLs
Touch screen settings for the same survey (Breeze Booth for iPad 3.4.1)
The same survey in action.

 AI Yearbook, Cartoon Booth and Time Machine

Faisal has kindly allowed me to share these videos of Breeze Booth for iPad/Printaparty AI events:

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