Email stopped working

This post is only relevant to users sending emails from older releases of Breeze DSLR Remote Pro, Hub, Kiosk and Webcam Photobooth.

Some long  time users recently reported that their photo booth apps stopped sending emails, and could not understand what might be wrong. This post explains two possible reasons, and what to do about them.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): A growing number of ISPs require TLS version 1.2, which is not supported in older versions of some Breeze apps

GMAIL Authentication: Google changed the requirements for authenticating Gmail emails in 2020. As a result many Gmail users found they could no longer send emails from third party apps.

What is Transport Layer Security and how might it affect me?

You may be familiar with Gmail authentication, but it’s quite likely you never heard of Transport Layer Security (TLS) before.

TLS is a protocol used to send communications securely over computer networks [Ref Wikipedia]. Many ISPs send emails using simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), and SMTP emails use transport layer security (TLS).

Don’t worry if this sounds like gobbledegook.

What you need to understand is that a growing number of ISPs require third partys apps to use the new TLS version 1.2, instead of the older TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.0.

Older versions of Breeze photo booth apps support SMTP emails using TLS version 1.0 or TLS version 1.1.

These releases can no longer use ISPs who require TLS to send emails.

Which Breeze programs support TLS 1.2?

The following Breeze programs and later versions already support TLS 1.2. These releases will not be affected if your ISP decides to require TLS 1.2.

DSLR Remote Pro v3.9
Breeze Kiosk v1.4.4
Webcam Photobooth v2.6
Breeze Hub – all versions

Older versions of DSLR Remote Pro, Kiosk and Webcam Photobooth support TLS 1.1 and 1.0. These programs won’t be able to send SMTP emails from servers requiring TLS 1.2.

Customers who do not share by email from their photo booth app are not affected, and don’t need to do anything.

What can I do if the ISP I use to send emails from Breeze apps now requires TLS 1.2?

If your ISP starts to require TLS 1.2, you can

  • either upgrade to a release supporting TLS 1.2
  • or switch to a different ISP which sends SMTP emails using TLS1.1 or TLS 1.0.

What is Gmail Authentication and how can it affect me?

Google changed the requirements for authenticating Gmail emails in 2020.  Gmail users now need to  ‘authenticate’ ie approve third party applications which send emails from their gmail accounts.

How to get Gmail email  working gain

Most Breeze users addressed this in 2020, but a few of you are still coming across this issue.

Which Breeze  apps support Gmail authentication?

The following Breeze programs and subsequent releases support Gmail authentication

DSLR Remote Pro v3.15
Breeze Kiosk v2
Webcam Photobooth 2.6
Breeze Hub v1.2.3

If you are running older versions of these apps and want to use Gmail to send emails from your booth, you need to upgrade to DSLR Remote Pro v3.15,  Kiosk v2, Webcam Photobooth 2.6,  Hub v1.2.3 or more recent releases and authenticate your Gmail account

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