New in DSLR Remote Pro 3.14

DSLR Remote Pro 3.14 introduces a choice of frame after photos are taken, support for the latest Canon camera, and sharing counters.

New in this release

  • Guests choose frame for their own print in the drawing/signing screen
  • Counters for the total number of emails, texts and tweets
  • Print logos are now placed on top of overlays
  • Support for new Canon EOS 250D/EOS 200D II/Rebel SL3 camera
  • Fix for reliability issue playing videos in photo booth mode caused by recent Windows updates.

Note: DSLR Remote Pro 3.14.1 (published on 31 July) fixes an issue which could cause logos not to be displayed in the print layout editor.

Guests choose their own print frame

Offer your guests a choice of print frames on the signing/drawing screen*.

Guests choose from a selection of print frames on the signing/drawing screen (DSLR Remote Pro 3.14)

Social sharing totals

Display Sharing totals by selecting Preferences then Photo Booth Event Info ( DSLR Remote Pro 3.14)

DSLR Remote Pro now counts the total number of emails, texts and tweets sent from the booth.

You can reset these counters between events. More details

Print logos placed over the print overlay

You have been able to add logos to your prints without using Photoshop® or other image editors since v3.12. Many of you asked us to place these logos over the print overlay – so we have made this change in v3.14

png and jpg logos added in the Print Layout Editor are now displayed in front of the print overlay (DSLR Remote Pro 3.14)

Support for new camera

DSLR Remote Pro supports almost all Canon DSLR cameras, plus the mirrorless M50 and EOS RP.

DSLR Remote Pro 3.14  adds support for the new EOS 250D/Rebel SL3/EOS 200D II/EOS Kiss X10.

*Enabling guest print frames

Enable signing and drawing on prints in the usual way.  (Select Advanced Settings, then Output Options Settings. Check the box marked Sign or draw on photos before printing, and OK as you leave.)

Enabling the signing/drawing on prints screen. Guests can choose a frame as well as drawing on the print and adding custom stamps/emoji (DSLR Remote Pro 3.14)

More details here

Your frames should be png images the same size in pixels as the print layout. Place them in the PhotoBoothImages folder for the event. The name of each frame must start frame_ as below:

I also customised the icons to the left of this screen by placing my own images in the PhotoBoothImages folder. You can customise all these icons in the same way. Make this screen your own.

Try DSLR Remote Pro 3.14 for yourself

DSLR Remote Pro 3.14 is a free upgrade for all registered users who purchased DSLR Remote Pro after 24th July 2018. Customers with older licenses need to buy an upgrade license to use this release.

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